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Let's love and respect

Last week, I saw a photo(above is the snapshot of the pic) on Facebook. Famous Bollywood artist Hrithik has carried a display card. It says - Ox does not procreate, we dhotis (bad name given to Indian by Nepali) can't be compared with Nepali in any terms. This is one of the pathetic, ridiculous and insane activities. However, the picture has got more than eight thousands likes. I felt so embarrassing to see a big number of Nepalese youths indulging in such hate speeches. Whatever our people especially young people may think about India and Indian people. But the real scenario of our relation to India is completely different than our hatred.  Wherever I have been as a traveller, most of the strangers ask me if I am from India, and interestingly I have felt offended whenever I am called an Indian.

Never carry a luggage having zip

विशेषगरी विमानबाट यात्रा गर्दैगर्दा सामान्य जिपर भएको लगेज प्रयोग गर्दा ट्रान्जिट परेको विमानस्थलमा वा यहाँले अवतरण गर्नुपर्ने विमानस्थलमा हजुरहरूको लगेजको व्यवस्थापन गर्दैगर्दाको समय सम्बन्धित कर्मचारीहरूले यहाँको लगेजभित्रको सामाग्री समेत गायप पारिदिन सक्ने ल्याकत राख्दछन् । हेर्नुस्, कसरी यो सम्भव रहेछ ?

यदि यहाँलार्इ यो भिडियो उपयोगी लाग्यो भने जानकारीका लागि साथीहरू माझ पुर्याउनुहोला !