Leaders are not foremen but, are servants.

The great Greek poet Euripides, who died in 406 BC, put it succinctly:
Ten good soldiers wisely led,
Will beat a hundred without a head.
This small piece of his poetry proves how much important the head or leader is to run anything else. Probably, we Nepalese people have the lack of such a good leader. It has been almost four months that our leaders had expanded the time of constituent assembly but none of us has any hope with them. They have been unsuccessful leaders who still have no their leader, the prime minister! It has been almost two and a half months; they do not have the best idea for the well negotiation. The golf of distrust is spreading out likely to burst off! They still do hope the sun rises.
I have some things to share with them. Will they find it? Alternatively, should they think on it? Let's do hope- They will do it.
Leader should never forget that there are three uphill paths. If we have uphill paths in our ways, should we climb down towards the extinct? Let me tell you, what those three paths are. They are 1) The qualities approach, 2) The situational approach, and 3) Functional approach. A leader should never forget: what a leader has to be (qualities), what a leader has to know (situational) and the functional approach of leadership, what a leader has to do. Once Xenophon says, "It was said that he had all the qualities of leadership which a man of his sort could have."
A successful leader deserves seventeen qualities. If you would like to be the best leader never forget to follow the qualities given below:
ability to make decisions                   sense of duty
energy                                                calmness in crisis
humour                                               assurance
sense of justice                                   ability to accept responsibility
determination                                      human element
example                                              initiative
mentally, physically fit                          resolute courage
pride in command                                enthusiasm

We can sum up the leadership as courage in defeat, inspiration in apathy and clarity of mind in confusion. Thanks to listening us!
Please, forward the link below to every struggling leader of your nation!


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