Reservation at Finnish Police Station

In Finland, it's quite confusing for new comers to get adapted with various systems. For instance, if you have to apply for the visa extension or identity card, you have to go to police station but you have to have an appointment.
To facilitate you, here I've come with every steps that you need to follow-
1 First  CLICK HERE , you will be taken to the appointment page of the Police.
a. Click on the tab - Make an appointment

2. The next page appears with the form below. Fill your information in appropriate boxes. 
3, At the end of the form, on Appointments section there is the purpose of your appointment, drop down the list and select your purpose, and click on the Next tab. 

4. Browser will automatically detect your location and display the time table on the right side of the page, however, if your police station is other than your current location then you can select the location from the map or the drop down list (the section on the buttom of left side). Then you can hover your cursor on the time table and book your time. At last you have to confirm your appointment and the police will send you a confirmation text to your mobile. 

Last but not least, never forget to appear at least 5-10 minutes earlier than your appointment time. 


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